Tooth Whitening

Bay Area Tooth Whitening

San Francisco, Berkeley, Piedmont, & Oakland, California

Whitening Teeth is easy, it’s affordable and it’s dramatic. We offer the 3 latest technologies to get your teeth their whitest-“Deep Bleaching™,” in-office whitening, and at-home whitening.

Teeth Whitening in California

“Deep Bleaching™” gets your natural teeth their very whitest. You start by doing an in-office treatment. Then you use at-home materials for 2 weeks, followed by one more in-office treatment. “Deep Bleaching™” gets even hard-to-whiten teeth incredibly white.

“Thank you, thank you, and thank you! My new smile has really been a lift for me! Friends and clients all tell me I look different, younger and happier. Some of them never figure out why and I just love to keep them guessing! You were absolutely right about how my new smile would have a big impact on my looks and my life. I should have listened to you a couple of years sooner! Thank you so much.” – Patricia Bennett

If you want us to take care of everything for you, in-office tooth whitening is for you. You come in, relax, watch a movie, and we whiten your teeth. Dr. Bernstein ‘s office is an official Zoom center.

Whitening your teeth at home is very cost-effective. Dr. Bernstein offers the latest in customat-home teeth whitening technology.

To maintain your beautiful white teeth, we offer products such as whitening toothpaste that really works and touch up whitening kits.

Please contact our San Francisco dentist Dr. Josh Bernstein to schedule your initial tooth whitening appointment today.