Painless Dentistry

Painless Dentistry - A Patient's Guide, eBook by Josh Bernstein, DDS


Do you hate going to the dentist? Millions do. In Painless Dentistry–A Patient’s Guide, practicing dentist, Josh Bernstein, tells his readers all they need to know to make sure their dental experiences are completely comfortable. Dental technology has come a long way– with implants to replace missing teeth, veneers to make teeth beautiful, even 3D printers to make crowns in one visit. But while dentists are focused on all the cool new technology, millions of patients are still afraid of the dentist. Dr. Bernstein empathizes with the problem and proposes realistic solutions to make sure your visits to the dentist are genuinely painless. By using compassion, technology, expertise, and sedation, dentists can make dentistry comfortable as well as high-tech. Painless Dentistry credits dental pioneers and contemporary leaders with the means and methods for delivering truly painless care, while inspiring today’s patients to seek out the best that dentistry has to offer in complete comfort and relaxation.


Book Reviews

“Dr. Josh Bernstein is an award winning dentist who has literally ‘written the book’ on pain-free dentistry. His latest publication shows that dental treatment can and should be a totally comfortable experience for all. The wisdom contained in these clear, easy-to-read pages will surely alleviate the fear in anxious dental patients everywhere. Just like painless dentistry itself, this book has been a long time coming!!”

Dr. Richard Madow

I strongly believe that Dr. Josh Bernstein is truly one of the most gifted dental practioners in the entire country. Having known Josh since age 10 and having been his dentist I could see even then how focused he was. He has studied and worked so hard to become the expert dentist he is today.I would highly recommend him for any dental procedure. His çarring manner and painless dentistry is truly unparalleled in the field of dentistry.

Allan Hyman DMD