Instant Orthodontics

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San Francisco, Berkeley, Piedmont, & Oakland, California

“Thank you for taking such good care of me. It has been great fun to work together and I will always think of you when I smile!” – Juanita Ulloa

Imagine if you could have perfectly beautiful, bright, straight teeth nearly overnight. It sounds like a dream. But in our days of advanced dental technology, there’s no longer a need to suffer through months or even years with potentially embarrassing braces and teeth that seem to take ages to whiten. In as few as 2 visits to our office, Dr. Bernstein can get you the white, perfect teeth you have always dreamed of.

Dr. Bernstein works closely with top orthodontists and in many instances orthodontic care and braces are the best choice. But oftentimes braces are not desirable or necessary to achieve the desired results of straighter teeth. Many adult patients prefer rapid results and they don’t want to wear braces for months or even years unless necessary for the integrity of their teeth.

For others, orthodontics may straighten their teeth but leave them still needing cosmetic or structural improvements. Instant Orthodontics eliminates the braces altogether by solving orthodontic problems with beautiful porcelain veneers. The added benefit is that the porcelain veneers make the teeth not only straight, but beautifully white and uniform as well. To complete the picture, Dr. Bernstein works very closely with you, creating an ideal bite and even eliminating problems many, such as overbite and crossbite.

Instant Orthodontics allows us to provide adult patients with the beautiful, straight, white teeth they have always wanted – in as few as 2 visits.