Teeth Whitening FAQ

Bay Area Teeth Whitening

San Francisco, Berkeley, Piedmont, & Oakland, California

How many different types of Teeth Whitening procedures are there?

Generally, there are two types of teeth whitening:

In-office bleaching
At-home bleaching

What is the in-office procedure like?

If you choose an in-office bleaching, Dr. Bernstein will apply a gel or even a rubber guard to protect soft tissues of your mouth. Then, a strong agent will be applied to your teeth to bleach the enamel of your teeth. Then, a light or laser is applied to stimulate the bleaching agent. Multiple visits may be required for this procedure. Each visit may take up to 30 minutes.

What does the at-home bleaching entail?

At-home teeth whiteners are in form of peroxide based solution. The solution is applied into a tray that fits onto your teeth. Dr. Bernstein can custom fit the mouth tray by taking a mold of your teeth. Typically, you, the patient, apply the solution inside the trays and then puts the trays on your teeth for a period of time – often overnight. This treatment is repeated until you are happy with the color of your teeth.