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Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

Dr. Bernstein understands that every patient’s mouth has a history. This is why every patient of Dr. Bernstein is treated as an individual person, with individual dental needs. Your initial consultation with Dr. Bernstein will conclude with a personalized treatment plan that you and Dr. Bernstein will determine together. Whether your dental needs are structural or cosmetic, Dr. Bernstein will work with you to ensure the best treatment.

Prior to your initial consultation with Dr. Bernstein, our office will send you three basic forms to fill out at home at your leisure. Prior to your scheduled appointment, Dr. Bernstein will review your paperwork and be prepared to go over them at your visit. At your appointment, Dr. Bernstein will discuss your dental needs and dreams in order to determine the best ways to move forward in treatment. It is very important to Dr. Bernstein to find out what you want in order to see how he can help you.

Next will be the overall oral health exam, including a full oral cancer screening. This is followed by a complete examination of your bite, jaw joints, and the overall stability and comfort of your chewing muscles. Following this, you and Dr. Bernstein will take a full set of digital photographs and x-rays of your mouth.

Your cosmetic dentistry consultation will feature over an hour of Dr. Bernstein’s undivided attention.  Whether the two of you decide to work together or not, you will leave your consultation with a clear understanding of what is going on in your mouth, as well as an idea of the possibilities for next steps in treatments.