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Comfortable Dentistry

San Francisco, Berkeley, Piedmont, & Oakland, California

Bay area sedation dentist Dr. Bernstein prides himself on being extraordinarily gentle. As a child, Dr. Bernstein was inspired to be a dentist by his own family dentist who always made certain that visits were comfortable.

“Dr. Bernstein and his staff are the best! I also travel from San Francisco to continue coming. As a client for more than 7 years I have hugely appreciated their attention to my comfort. The real care they bring to every appointment and their cutting-edge professionalism. I trust them all completely and enjoy my visits. The blankets, soft music, views of fruit trees make the time relaxing. Dr. Bernstein has also provided 1 st rate referrals-from oral surgery to gum surgery. I have been very, very pleased with every referral. Thank you all! And thank you for the birthday cake!” – Heather Corcoran

“I had plenty of cavities as a kid because we grew up before fluoridated water and my mom made great desserts! I never felt anythingat the dentist,” Dr Bernstein remembers. “My dentist pampered me with headphones, and he was super gentle. His hands would touch you as though you were a newborn baby. I decided that I wanted to be that kind of dentist.” Dr. Bernstein is constantly in search of ways to make dentistry more comfortable than ever.

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