Our Comfort Menu

Your comfort is our highest priority. Dr. Bernstein’s practice has a large number of dental phobic (fearful) patients who benefit from the extraordinary environment and services we offer. But even for patients who are not unusually fearful, we have spared no expense to make your experience as pleasant as possible. To begin with, our staff is composed of genuinely warm, helpful, caring professionals. You’ll notice a difference from the first time you call us or contact us by email. We schedule one patient at a time with a realistic amount of time. Our goal is to run 100% on time so that we rarely keep you waiting or make you late to your next appointment. Our facility is designed with your comfort in mind from the soothing colors on the wall to the soft background music to today’s dental innovations. Because we work for you, not for any insurance companies, we can offer you the latest in dentistry without any restrictions. Dr. Bernstein is well known for his painless numbing technique and his gentle hands. Most importantly, everyone on staff has compassion for you. After all, we understand that getting dental work done in your free time isn’t as much fun as your other free-time activities. For those who want/need to be sedated for dental work, Dr. Bernstein is licensed and experienced in I.V. Sedation and Oral Sedation (with a pill), while we also offer Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) for any procedure. Need an extra pillow or blanket? No problem!