Avoid Extractions

Why Save Teeth … And How to Avoid Extractions

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Many people don’t understand how drastically their teeth effect their everyday lives. Your teeth provide a plethora of incredibly crucial services to you over your lifespan. For allowing you to chew food; maintaining good gum health; and providing support for lips, speech, and smiles, your teeth are an everyday necessity. For this reason, it is of great import to learn how to care for your teeth and how to avoid more costly and invasive dental procedures such as tooth extractions.

One in two Americans will lose 50% of their adult teeth by the time they turn 50 years old. These numbers are staggering, but they don’t have to apply to you and your loved ones. Maintaining a healthy smile for life is absolutely possible with proper dental care and healthy living. Further, while dental technology has advanced to a point where dental implants and bridges are of an excellent quality, the fact remains that there is no perfect substitute for natural teeth. Thus, a preventative approach is the smartest way to ensure a lifetime of healthy and happy smiles.San Francisco Dentistry Patients

Besides the more apparent problems of dental decay such as loss of self-esteem and tooth aches, the consequences of not caring for your teeth can be devastating. Bacterial growth from cavities and gum disease have been shown to contribute to heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. This bacteria can also wear down the immune system, leading to other diseases and illnesses effecting your health. Other dental issues, such as grinding your teeth can cause chronic headaches, jaw pain, and other syndromes such as TMJ. Worse yet, when a tooth is actually lost, the integrity of the surrounding teeth are compromised, leading to further tooth loss, bite change, and possible bone loss in the jaw.

The long-term benefits of protecting and caring for your natural teeth are immeasurable. For a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles, contact Dr. Joshua Bernstein today.