Avoiding Extractions

Why Save Teeth … And How to Avoid Extractions

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Statistic tell us that here in the United States, by the age of 50, 50% of the population has lost 50% of their teeth. This is generally preventable. With proper dental care, most patients can keep most of their teeth for life. But why should they? And why should you try to keep your teeth?

San Francisco Dentistry PatientsWhile cosmetic dentistry has developed outstanding substitutes for natural teeth, there is just nothing as good as the real thing. Nature has done an excellent job of giving us exactly what we need for chewing and smiling.

The disease processes that destroy teeth are harmful to our general health as well as our oral health. The bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease can be life threatening during infections, they contribute to heart disease, and they can be a constant drain on the immune system as it tries to fight off other assaults on the body. Even wear and tear on the teeth from grinding can affect us by making us prone to headaches,jaw pain and other ailments. Every time a tooth is lost, it changes the bite and puts greater stress on the remaining teeth, while causing bone loss in the jaw.

There are many good reasons to keep your teeth–for proper chewing, for smiling, for lip support, and for your self esteem.