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Wake Up With a Smile

Imagine walking into the dentist’s office completely relaxed, lying down in the chair with a warm blanket, falling asleep, then waking up with everything done. So many people avoid going to the dentist because they are afraid. Sleep Dentistry can be an enormous help to these people.

What is “Sleep Dentistry?” Specially trained dentists prescribe an extraordinarily safe, very common sleeping pill after discussing your health with you. The sleeping pill is taken an hour before you come to the dentist so you are profoundly relaxed when you walk in. If needed, another sleeping pill is taken when you arrive. When you lie down in the chair, you are covered with a blanket and your vital signs are checked as you slip in and out of sleep. While you are sedated, everything is completed. When you get up, it’s all over!

The sleeping pill that is used has the added benefit of allowing you to forget most, if not all, of your visit to the dentist.

“Sleep Dentistry” has been used safely in millions of dental procedures. Any dental procedure can be completed while you are asleep and most people choose to take care of everything in as little as 2 appointments. Even people who are afraid of cleanings and cosmetic dentistry can benefit from “sleep dentistry.” Imagine waking up with the beautiful new smile you have always wanted!

Dr. Bernstein is a longtime Piedmont resident in private practice 2 blocks from Cal Piedmont. He is a clinical instructor at the world renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and his practice focuses on Cosmetic Dentistry and 5 star guest services. Dr. Bernstein can be reached at 848-SMILE (848-7645) and at