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Sculpting the frame for a beautiful smile

The perfect frame compliments and enhances the beauty of a masterpiece. When you think of The Mona Lisa, chances are you can’t remember what the frame looks like, but you’d certainly remember the frame if it weren’t fitting. In the same way, the appearance of the gums frames the beautiful teeth that make a great smile. Gum cosmetics often makes the difference between an average smile and a gorgeous smile.

Experts in cosmetic dentistry evaluate the gums in several ways to idealize your appearance. Healthy gums are a must since gum disease is unattractive and a hazard to your body and to your breath! Receding gums can make you look “long in the tooth,” or older. Excessively visible gums can detract from an otherwise beautiful smile. Lack of symmetry in the gums can make your smile look crooked.

Improving the health of the gums takes expert evaluation and treatment that often includes more frequent cleanings and daily home care. More advanced cases need customized care. Gum grafting can often treat receding gums. Using lasers and other sculpting methods, cosmetic dentists can shape a “gummy” smile or a “crooked” smile to make all the difference. This is routine when someone has their smile “done” by an expert, but sometimes a little sculpting is the only thing that’s needed to frame an otherwise beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dentists and gum specialists can beautify your gums so that they will frame your smile to look like a masterpiece!

Dr. Bernstein is a longtime Piedmont resident in private practice 2 blocks from Cal Piedmont. He is a clinical instructor at the world renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and his practice focuses on Cosmetic Dentistry and 5 star guest services. Dr. Bernstein can be reached at 848-SMILE (848-7645) and at