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Financing and Affordable Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Bernstein cares about ensuring that you have access to the latest technology in cosmetic and restorative dentistry without putting a damper on your finances. For this reason, we have a number of financing offers available for our clientele.

Extended Payment Plans
Most of our patients utilize one of our budget plans in order to easily finance the dental care they receive. These plans offer a more flexible spending plan, and include options for:

• Low monthly payments

• 0% and low interest plans

• Apply online or by phone

• Complete treatment with no initial payment

We have paired up with Springstone Patient Financing and CareCredit dental financing to supply our patients with a number of dental financing options. Both Springstone Patient Financing and CareCredit offer convenient, no initial payment, low monthly payment plans for dental treatments. Patients can apply for these payment plans for free prior to their dental services.

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Or contact Enhance Patient Financing at (877) 436-4262 or

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We are not part of any insurance company networks.  Here is how insurance works in our office.

When you decide to schedule your treatment, you will meet with Dr. Bernstein for a consultation. You will work together with Dr. Bernstein to develop a treatment plan and timeline for the completion of your dental work.

Our staff will go over the cost of treatment and discuss payment and financing options.

We ask for payment at the time of treatment. Affordable monthly payment plans can be arranged through Lending Club or Care Credit.

In order to help you maximize coverage of care with your insurance provider, we complete all necessary paperwork and submit your claim directly to your insurance provider. We ask your carrier to send all reimbursements to you.

As insurance providers rarely cover the entirety of the costs of cosmetic and elective dental procedures, we advise all of our patients to contact their insurance providers prior to service to get a complete understanding of what will and what won’t be reimbursed.

In order to provide you with the highest quality care, we have chosen to remain free of any insurance company networks that may impose restrictions on your choices of treatment.